Together towards sustainability
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With Build, we want to make a positive impact by improving the supply of mid-rental rental properties and stimulating sustainability in the rental housing market. We strongly support the energy transition from fossil energy sources to sustainable, cleaner energy. The Netherlands wants to be completely energy neutral by 2050 and to get there it is now time to become more sustainable. Build and real estate investors also have a role to play in this process. Build wants to help real estate investors identify sustainability solutions and implement sustainability measures. That is why we work together with LeefEnergieBewust.

Energy transition accessible and accessible to everyone

LeefEnergieBewust has a clear mission: making sustainability accessible and accessible to everyone. In the jungle of sustainability opportunities, it is sometimes difficult to determine where to start and which solutions should be given priority. Which investments pay off? And do we get everything arranged as quickly as possible?

LeefEnergieBewust takes care of the entire sustainability process, from inventory to implementation. They provide tailor-made advice, with a clear step-by-step plan and can also offer assistance with the implementation of the advice. LeefEnergieBewust works together with various affiliated partners, with a proven track record in implementing sustainability solutions.

A few examples
That sounds nice, but what exactly does this support for sustainability entail? We list some examples:

  1. Recording the energy performance of real estate portfolios using the three energy performance indicators according to NPA 8800.
  2. Preparing an advisory report with an energy label and energy-saving advice.
  3. Where desired, the implementation of the recommended energy-saving measures by the affiliated partner companies.
  4. Support in applying for any grants. 5. Upgrading energy labels after implementing energy-saving measures.

Do you need support on one or more points? Or is what you are looking for not listed here? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to see what we can do for you.

Want to know more about sustainability solutions?

Would you like to know more about LeefEnergieBewust? Or are you curious about the possibilities and prices for your situation? Please contact one of our relationship managers:

  • Kelly Oude Meijers: 06 15 90 30 01, kelly.oudemeijers@build-finance.com
  • Barry Luijsterburg: 06 15 03 13 62, barry.luijsterburg@build-finance.com

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